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Kimberly Kaye’s accolades are many.  She is recommended by some of the best known organizations in the regional country music industry.

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The New Stuff (1)   Featured in South Dakota Public Broadcasting Magazine June 2019

Featured in South Dakota Magazine May 2019SD MagazineSDPB

Kimbanjo81919I do love to crack it up on stage! Here’s an article from a Southern Iowa Newspaper. They wrote this about my show: “There are some in the country music world that say Minnie Pearl was the last of the great comics and humorists that graced the stages of America’s country music kingdom. Many say that Little Roy Lewis, still alive, is the greatest humorist in bluegrass music. And some even say Kimberly Kaye Bachman, from South Dakota, is the very essence of what the great country and rural comics had to offer their fans and audiences.

Kimberly makes her home in South Dakota. It’s true she’s a tremendous comedienne, but she is also a saver of America’s old time rural music. She has loved the older style since she was a young girl, and she still shares her love for that kind of music with an enthralling banjo rapture of music probably unknown to many young music listeners today. ”

Joe ReviewWhile her passion is Classic Country, for her first project, she chose to put out a Gospel CD and dedicate it to her mother who is ailing with Alzheimer’s.  The reviews follow below:Graphic CD of the Year


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Add a headingBob Marovich is a gospel music historian, author, and radio host. Since 2001, he has produced “Gospel Memories.” The show features classic gospel, spiritual, and jubilee music, and interviews with gospel legends. It airs Saturday mornings on Chicago’s WLUW-FM and throughout the week on several Internet and low-power FM radio stations throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Thank you Bob for your kind words and encouraging expert advice on my first project!  More about Journal of Gospel Music here:

Bob writes: Listening to Kimberly Kaye Bachman’s Old Time Gospel EP is like listening to an early Sunday morning radio broadcast emanating from an AM station in her native Iowa. The only thing missing is an encouraging emcee to introduce the singer and the songs.
Kimberly does everything on the EP but engineer it; that task is entrusted to Eric Domkowski of Firewheel Audio. Otherwise, she deftly handles the lead vocals, the close country harmonies, and plays all of the stringed instruments (guitar, banjo and mandolin).
The track list includes classic hymns as well as Kimberly’s own compositions arranged in the southern gospel tradition. The nineteenth-century hymn “Are You Washed in the Blood” has a Carter Family thrum, while Kimberly’s take on the traditional spiritual “Children Go Where I Send Thee” sounds inspired by country picker Ricky Skaggs’ 1980s-era interpretation.
The two original songs are heartwarming odes to loss. “Linger” resonates with regret over not spending more time with children and grandparents. Kimberly dedicated “She Saw Me” to her mother, who is in the end stages of Alzheimer’s disease. The song tearfully describes a fleeting moment when the fogginess of her mother’s mind lifted and she could see and speak with clarity. Those who have parents, spouses, or friends with Alzheimer’s will empathize with the story.
I kept waiting for Kimberly to take some hot leads on the banjo and mandolin during the instrumental interludes, but she didn’t, though if she had, it would have kicked things up a notch. Nevertheless, Old Time Gospel lives up to its title, a reminder of the days when Sunday mornings hummed with gospel songs sung by local family groups nationwide.

National Traditional Country Music Association:  I’m grateful for this cd review by Mr. Bob Everhart President of The National Traditional Country Music Association.   He is a legend in old time country music with accolades too numerous to list here.  Please see more about him at:

This is his review of my cd: 2019 KimberlyKaye OT GospelHoly Cow Batman, this CD sounds just like the original Carter Family. From the guitar sound of Mother Maybelle to the incredible harmonies Kimberly Kaye is creating with herself. Actually this entire min-CD is Kimberly Kaye. She does it all, the remarkable guitar, mandolin, and banjo, and of course the vocals and harmonies. Not sure where or when she did this wonderful new approach to the Carter Family ‘sound’ but Fire Wheel Audio had a hand in the ‘mix’ which is so important with a project like this. There’s a lot to bring together when it’s one person doing all the work. And in the case of Kimberly Kaye it is a most excellent representation of that early roots traditional music that came right out of the Kentucky hills. Kimberly was born in Iowa, so she can’t ‘claim’ that kind of representation, but her voice and her indelible ‘sound alike’ ability is remarkable. What a nice way to hear some of the old gospel songs done in the Carter style with a whole big bunch of authenticity attached, as well as a nice original couple of songs by Kimberly. “Linger” is a nice recollection of time spent, and not spent, with Grandpa. “She Saw Me” a song dedicated to her mother, is another of her delightful originals. Kimberly is obviously a multi-instrumentalist as well as being a multi-vocalist. She has a Master’s degree in Christian Studies, she is a licensed local pastor working part-time for her hometown United Church of Christ. Her passion is outreach to seniors, writing songs about life priorities, inspirational speaking for Women’s groups and leaning on Jesus.  In total, this is one of the best new ‘roots’ music CD’s I’ve heard in a long time, and I’m glad I got it just in time for the Christmas season. What a nice way to listen in the year of 2019. Here we come. Off to the Rural Roots Music Commission this one goes.