Drive Fast or Dance LATEST RELEASES

This collection is available on CD and will be released next week(June 15th).  Please check back on this page to order.

This is a collection of songs that will make you want to drive fast or dance!  Each song brings the energy and songwriting skills we have all come to love in Kimberly Kaye. Journey back to yesteryear in the country classics and buckle up for the adventure of today.  Turn on that music, crank it up, and drive fast or dance!

Special thanks to Eric Domkowski of Firewheel Audio who produced, played instrumental back up, and engineered this entire project. Kimberly Kaye is forever grateful for his creativity, talent, guidance, and expertise.

A few 30 second previews for you to hear:

The New Stuff


I've Seen Some Things

Flowers on the Wall


ClaudiaOriginal Song written by Kimberly Kaye: